Past Conferences & Workshops

Rome Ethics of AI Workshop

poster promoting the 2022 Rome Ethics of AI Workshop sponsored by ND TEC and the Peace Research Institute Oslo

October 20–21, 2022
University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway

The European and North American Workshop on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence was convened by the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center and the Peace Research Institute Oslo.

This day-and-a-half event, hosted at Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway facility, brought together a small group of leading scholars and experts working on issues around AI from various disciplines and perspectives. Participants explored the conceptual and ethical foundations as well as applications of artificial intelligence and related technologies, including autonomous weapon systems.

The workshop consisted of several panels of experts, each of whom gave a short, informal presentation of about 30 minutes, followed by discussion among participants. The panels focused on foundational issues, ethics of AI, ethics in AI, and AI military applications.

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NDISC Roundtable: New Technology Ethics

the words New Technology Ethics: Roundtable Discussion over a photo of military members working with computers

March 22, 2022
Jenkins Nanovic Halls, Notre Dame

Fairchild engineer Gordon Moore famously noted in 1965 that the pace of semiconductor power was increasing exponentially and was revolutionizing the semiconductor industry. It is clear that Moore’s Law applies more generally to the increasingly rapid development of technology in the modern world, especially in the weapons and national security realm. What is less clear is whether our ethical and moral frameworks for the use of military force, formulated gradually over hundreds of years in a very different and less dynamic technological environment, are keeping pace with these revolutionary developments.

This roundtable, co-sponsored by the Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC) and ND TEC, brought together some of the leading thinkers in the field for a conversation about the ethics of new weapons technologies.

Algorithmic Bias: Sources and Responses

the words Algorithmic Bias: Sources and Responses over a background of stylized computer code

November 6, 2020

This virtual event featured a keynote by New York Times-bestselling author Cathy O'Neil along with two panel discussions.

Panel 1 focused on what we mean by “bias” when we talk about “algorithmic bias,” the sources of that bias, in what contexts it manifests, and the problems it causes.

Panel 2 explored the ethical obligations of developers/institutions in accounting for bias in algorithmic decisionmaking as well as what technical, institutional, and legal responses are best-suited to dealing with the problem.

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Deepfake Conference

the word Deepfake over a digitally glitching background

October 18, 2019
National Press Club, Washington D.C.

How can truth emerge in a deep-fake ridden marketplace of ideas? Are we ready for the looming challenges to national security, elections, privacy, and reputation? What role will technology, law, and norms play in addressing deep-fake destruction?

The Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center explored these questions and others during a series of panel discussions featuring leading academic, industry, and policy experts.

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