The Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center is committed to developing the next generation of critical thinkers about technology and is developing curriculum that invites students and professionals to engage with technology ethics questions.

We host events meant to educate and inform people of all backgrounds about the emerging implications of our technology and its uses. We also support the existing curriculum geared towards current students at the University of Notre Dame. Our affiliated faculty teach courses across disciplines that challenge students to consider the intersection of morality and ethics with science and technology. Example courses include Technology and Innovation Ethics taught by Mark Bourgeois as a part of Notre Dame's Silicon Valley Semester program and Modern Physics and Moral Responsibility, taught by philosophy professor Don Howard, which invites students to investigate the moral obligations of scientists and researchers. 

ND-TEC also supports the new Responsible Innovation Fellowship which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is offered in partnership with the Graduate School and the IDEA Center. Learn more about the fellowship and how you can apply