The Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center (ND TEC) develops and supports multi- and inter- disciplinary research on questions related to the impact of technology on humanity.

Researchers affiliated with ND TEC consider enduring and emerging ethical questions in a wide range of technological contexts and from a variety of different disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives. They are united by the belief that technology should promote human flourishing, and that ethical considerations must be integrated into every stage of development of technology and social, political, and cultural engagement with it. As a result, ND TEC researchers regard ethical inquiry as foundational and continual, asking what types of technologies ought to be developed and for what reasons, how technology should be deployed, what limits should be imposed, and what institutional designs should be adopted.

Building on the strength of world-class academic research, ND TEC convenes global thought leaders in academia, industry, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies to develop ethical and legal frameworks that keep pace with technological development.

ND TEC is committed to developing the next generation of critical thinkers about technology and is developing curriculum that invites students at every level to engage with technology ethics questions.

For more information, contact techethics@nd.edu.

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