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Connecting some 30 faculty from more than a dozen academic units on campus, the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center (ND TEC) was established in 2019 to advance interdisciplinary research and education concerned with the impact of technology on humanity.

ND TEC-affiliated faculty explore enduring and emerging ethical questions in a wide range of technological contexts and from a variety of different disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives. These faculty are united by the belief that technology should promote human flourishing and that ethical considerations must be integrated into every stage of the development of technology and social, political, and cultural engagement with it.

ND TEC is also home to the Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab, a partnership that leverages IBM’s deep expertise in artificial intelligence and other emerging areas of innovation, as well as the company’s strong industry connections, to bring together scholars, policymakers, and industry to develop and deliver evidence-based ethics frameworks.

For more information, contact techethics@nd.edu.

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