Six tech ethics videos in six weeks

Tech Ethics Animated is a new series of short animated videos from ND TEC unpacking central concepts and concerns in technology ethics. Produced by a student team working closely with a faculty advisor, the videos are intended for a broad audience and do not assume viewers have an extensive background in the field. A new video is being released every Wednesday through April 5.

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Faculty Publications

ND TEC faculty affiliates and postdoctoral fellows publish in a diverse range of both disciplines and outlets. Through this searchable library, you can access their recent sole- and coauthored work in tech ethics.

Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab

The applied arm of the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center, the lab aims to address ethical concerns raised by the use of advanced technologies by developing policy and engaging private industry, policymakers, and public interest groups.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

ND TEC and the Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab regularly seek applicants for technology ethics postdoctoral fellowships from eligible graduate students or recent graduates.

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Will a robot take my job? Researcher says this view is overly pessimistic

With the impact of industrial robots on the U.S. labor markets in the past two decades, and an ever-increasing presence of machine-driven technology (such as artificial intelligence and ChatGPT), many employees have feared that one day robots will take their jobs. Not necessarily so, according to research recently published by Yong Suk Lee, an assistant professor in the University of Notre Dame's Keough School of Global Affairs.


Yong Suk Lee

Yong Suk Lee

Keough School of Global Affairs