Dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the impact of technology on humanity.

The Technology Ethics Center at the University of Notre Dame convenes global thought leaders in academia, industry, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies to develop ethical and legal frameworks that keep pace with technological development.

Meet Our Faculty Fellows

Barbara Lauriat, Mutale Nkonde, and Michael Robillard will spend 2020–21 working on research related to technology, ethics, and trust.

Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab

The Lab aims to address ethical concerns raised by the use of advanced technologies by developing policy and engaging private industry, policymakers, and public interest groups.

TEC Talks

Click here for more information and to register for our Spring 2021 speaker series co-sponsored by the ND-IBM Technology Ethics Lab.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Technology Ethics Center strives to bring together the best minds from the humanities, social sciences, law, business, science, engineering, and global affairs.

Meet our Faculty