IDEA Week ChatGPT Panel to Feature Three ND TEC Faculty Affiliates

Author: Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center

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*Note: This panel has now taken place. It was covered by WNDU, South Bend’s NBC affiliate.

Three faculty affiliates of the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center (ND TEC) will discuss ChatGPT and other content-creating AI during an IDEA Week panel on Wednesday, April 19, at 2:00 p.m.

Titled “ChatGPT and the Emerging Artificial Intelligence Paradigm,” the panel will be held in person in South Bend City Church at 635 South Lafayette Boulevard in South Bend.

Speakers will be Ahmed Abbasi, Joe and Jane Giovanini Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations; Corey Angst, Jack and Joan McGraw Family Collegiate Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations; and Warren von Eschenbach, an associate professor of the practice at ND TEC and the center’s associate director for academic affairs.

Abbasi, Angst, and von Eschenbach will talk about what exactly ChatGPT, Bard, Ernie, and others like them are, how they might upend certain industries and jobs, if chatbots will be a fad that fail to live up to their promise, what their potential is, and what ethical concerns their rise pose.

“Whether pro or con, the headlines around generative AI like ChatGPT over the last several months have tended toward the sensational,” said von Eschenbach, who directs ND TEC’s undergraduate minor in tech ethics. “It will be great to have this opportunity to explore these technologies in a little more depth and hopefully focus in on what they can and can’t do—and just as importantly, what we should or shouldn’t be doing with them.”

Hosted by the University of Notre Dame, the city of South Bend-Elkhart, and various community organizations and businesses, IDEA Week is an innovation festival featuring business, technology, and entertainment events to provide entrepreneurs, students, and attendees with the practical knowledge, creative inspiration, and social foundation they need to innovate within their own careers, studies, and communities.

IDEA Week, which runs from April 15–21, is free to attend but registration is required. You can sign up at or register directly for the ChatGPT panel here.

Free transportation for students to and from the Notre Dame campus will be provided April 19 and 20, including to the panel. Visit for schedule details.