Researchers affiliated with the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center focus on ethical questions relating to the relationship between technology and human flourishing. 

Our mission encompasses many potential research areas, and the quickly-changing world of technology will require a certain nimbleness. But fundamentally, we believe that the ethical questions relating to development and deployment of technology must be evaluated in terms of human values.

The Center is already affiliated with a network of Notre Dame faculty from across campus and will be working with departments and schools to identify outstanding new candidates who would be interested in engaging the Center’s research agenda. We also aim to host resident scholars and visitors from academia and industry as well as regularly bring in outside speakers on topics that would interface with faculty research in new and compelling ways.

Strong corporate engagement and industry partnerships will help create a culture of intellectual exchange, where our faculty researchers can work with industry leaders, data scientists, and regulatory experts to challenge existing frameworks and contribute to the creation of policies and guidelines that align with core values.