TEC Talks - Danielle Citron and Yael Eisenstat


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Please join us on Monday, March 22, at noon Eastern for a conversation regarding Section 230: Online Speech and Tech Responsibility with Danielle Citron, Professor of Law at UVA, and Yael Eisenstat, activist and strategist - formerly of CIA and Facebook.

Danielle Citron

Danielle Citron is the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Schenck Distinguished Professor in Law at the University of Virginia School of Law, Vice President of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, 2019 MacArthur Fellow, and the author of Hate Crimes in Cyberspace (Harvard U Press 2014). Her next book, The Privacy Myth: How Intimacy Became Data and a Plan to Protect It, will be published by WW Norton Press in the US (and Penguin Vintage in the UK).


Yaël Eisenstat

Yaël Eisenstat is a democracy activist and strategist working with governments, tech companies, and investors focused on the intersection of technology, democracy, and policy. She has spent 20 years working around the globe as a CIA officer, diplomat, White House advisor, Facebook’s Global Head of Elections Integrity Operations for political advertising, a corporate social responsibility strategist at ExxonMobil, and the head of a global risk firm. As a fellow at Cornell Tech, she focused on technology's effects on the public square and democracy and advocacy for transparency and accountability in tech. She is currently a Researcher-in-Residence at Betalab, an early-stage cohort-based investment program with the singular goal of catalyzing startup activity around “Fixing The Internet”. Her publications, talks and news appearances can be viewed on her website at www.yaeleisenstat.com.